Nefertari Nor

Your little secret,



Echos of Ancient Egypt Resonating in Modern Europe

Your curisoity has brought you to a unique crossroads where Ancient Egypt merges gracefully with European elegance. My sophistication, honed in Europe's most vibrant cities, harmonizes with the rich warmth of my Egyptian heritage. Whether you're an art aficionado, a tech visionary, or a discerning investor, you'll find me an intriguing mystery to unravel.

The beauty I possess, echoing the grandeur of ancient pharaohs, is just the beginning. Beneath it, you'll discover a well-cultivated mind, prepared to engage you in meaningful conversations, shared laughter, and companionable silence.

Nefertari Nor.

woman in red lace panty lying on bed
woman in red lace panty lying on bed

Let me inspire you

• Sometimes one finds what one is not seeking •

• Sir alexander fleming

The Genuine Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is an oasis in the world of companionship, not for what it reveals, but for what it evokes. It's the subtle dance of seduction and intimacy, the silent promise of a genuine connection.

With me, the GFE is not just a label. It's the very essence of an interaction grounded in mutual respect, care, and above all, authenticity. I endeavor to create a space where conversations flow effortlessly and laughter is heartfelt.

As you find yourself captivated by these words, you may wonder if I can truly fulfill these promises. Come and discover for yourself the essence behind my words, and let me immerse you in an unforgettable journey.

Experience with me a level of companionship that redefines what it means to have a Girlfriend Experience.

a close-up of a person's butt
a close-up of a person's butt

The Pantheon of Experiences

In ancient times, Egypt was the cradle of wonders and secrets. At the heart of this legacy, I offer you diverse experiences, inspired by the monuments and mysteries of that golden era, exclusively crafted for gentlemen with refined taste.

woman standing inside room
woman standing inside room

The Whisper of Isis

Dance of Obelisks

The Dusk of Ra

Secrets of Sphinx

Luxor Temple Expedition

An introductory meeting, like the soft whisper of the goddess of magic and love.

Up to 1.5h - 350 EUR

The meeting of two pillars: conversation and complicity, both leaving their mark on the heart, my favorite experience for our first date.

Meeting + intimacy 4h - 700 EUR

As the sun pauses, our moments together are painted in golden and crimson hues, creating an encounter that feels eternal.

Up to 3h - 600 EUR

From dusk till dawn, let's rediscover the magic and mystery that one night can offer.

Night up to 12h - 1800 EUR

Let our joint journey, spanning two days, capture the essence of the ancient wonders of Luxor, leaving an indelible mark in time.

Up to 48h - 3400 EUR

Karnak Labyrinth

DFrom the first ray of the day to the last star of the night, creating a memory of an unforgettable day.

Full day 24h - 2500 EUR


To ensure our time together is flawless, there are certain details I'd prefer to clarify beforehand. These fine touches make the difference between a good meeting and an exceptional one. I invite you to explore my Étiquette section to better understand these subtleties.


Guided by curiosity (once again), you've arrived at my sanctuary. Now, allow me to know a bit more about you. Tell me about the place, the duration, and what you envision for our meeting. If there's any special wish or expectation you'd like to share, I would be delighted to hear it and help make it a reality.